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 AERO 7G Communications Corporation (AERO) is a next-generation communications technology innovator, developing disruptive technologies in the aerial robotics industry.  The company is a R&D spin-out from a defense contractor with 20+ years experience in high-level projects for U.S. Special Operations Command. Headquartered in the Washington DC Metro area, AERO also has engineering labs in West Palm Beach, and Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

AERO’s capability combines the emerging fields of Autonomous Robotics, Unmanned Systems, and Adaptive Artificial Intelligence.


There are enormous opportunities in commercializing the low-altitude airspace and networking mobile robotics for a variety of use cases. The success of this new industry is reliant on a ubiquitous, affordable communications network for reliable, secure, nationwide tracking of autonomous systems.  


  AERO is building the 7G wireless receiver network to provide a tracking system for commercial drone operators, a data interface for FAA Air Traffic Controllers, and a mobile app for drone operators, law enforcement, first responders, and the public, to make drone tracking and airspace management easy. It begins with drones, but will evolve to also host ground-based robots, self-driving vehicles, unmanned marinecraft, and Internet-of-Things sensors and systems. AERO 7G is infinitely-scalable, unhackable, and adaptive. It will enable a new era in transportation, shipping, emergency response, inspections, and more.


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AERO 7G Communications Corporation

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